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welcome to yet another one of my blogs (i know, i know, i am addicted). here i am planning to share and discuss all things twilight related, specifically new moon and the upcoming movie. i am going to try and get some new moon wallpaper uploaded soon... keep checking back.

Friday, June 26, 2009

"if it kills me" song written by fan for new moon

okay, so i got this email the other day from a twilight fan named Hana-li Pendry (check out her site here) and she said she had written a song for the upcoming new moon movie.

i decided to give the song a listen and you know what, i really liked it. i think this would be a good edition to the soundtrack for the movie—i'm not sure how one would go about submitting this for review, but i thought i'd at least do my part and post it here for fan review.

i have added an mp3 player in the right column near the top—give it a listen and share your thoughts!

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