...and the countdown begins

welcome to yet another one of my blogs (i know, i know, i am addicted). here i am planning to share and discuss all things twilight related, specifically new moon and the upcoming movie. i am going to try and get some new moon wallpaper uploaded soon... keep checking back.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

have you seen my edward?

okay, this is kind of funny. heather is away at girls camp this week (as one of the leaders) and as part of the fun and games they will have planned up there, heather packed up her life-size cutout of edward that I got for her.

he has spent the past 6 or so months camped out in the corner of our room and to be honest with you now that he's gone, it's a little strange not seeing him there. does that make me crazy? i don't know. maybe? i am not sure if he's even going to come back in one piece, to be honest with you. this is a camp full of teenage girls we are talking about...

here's to wishful thinking.